It is our mission to supply you with high quality products. We therefore rely not only on the competence of our skilled workers but also on our plant equipped with the latest machinery that ensures effective and rapid manufacturing.

Whether manufacturing new components or reworking existing ones – in our production, we can directly target your individual requirements.

Some examples from our production:

Chamber plates and wearing parts for the casting industry
Used in casting moulds, core shooter machines and mixing and blasting plants.
Press tools for multilayer and plastic card manufacture
Used in presses for the manufacture of printed circuit boards, bank and social security cards, driving licences etc. Used press tools can be professionally reconditioned in our factory.
Cutting and chase plates for the cardboard packaging industry
For almost all machines from the well-known, leading manufacturers in this field.
Wear-resistant cladding for screw feeds, extruders and kneaders

Your enquiry

We look forward to your enquiry and to making our long-standing expertise available to you.
Please contact us with any detailed enquiries and for an initial consultation. We would be pleased to call you back.